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Organic fertilizer instructions

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Organic fertilizer instructions

brief introduction—— This product uses a variety of organic materials and livestock and poultry manure as the main raw materials, high temperature fermentation, adding a v...

 Organic fertilizer instructions

 This product uses a variety of organic materials and livestock and poultry manure as the main raw materials, high temperature fermentation, adding a variety of biological control functional fungicides, prevention and treatment of soil heavy mites and root knot nematodes. Comprehensive nutrition, sustained release and long-lasting effect. It is brown, non-toxic, non-residual, and does not pollute the soil and crops. A new type of fertilizer synthesized under the influence of more than ten beneficial microorganisms.

1. Adding amino acids and trace elements, the utilization rate of fertilizer can be improved, and the fertilizer efficiency is enhanced: the utilization ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is generally 30-40%, which can be increased to about 70% due to the action of amino acids. The nutrients required by nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and silicon, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, boron and other plants in the fertilizer can be balanced in a controlled manner according to the growth needs of the crop to meet the needs of the entire development period of the crop. To promote early stratification and fall of crops, increase yield and improve quality.

2, both quick and slow, biological control: the addition of bio-bacteria with biological control, can prevent and treat soil-borne diseases, and has a high inhibitory effect on soil heavy roots and root-knot nematodes. Free amino acids can be directly absorbed and utilized by crops, so they are quick-acting, which supplements the lack of quick-acting effects of common organic fertilizers and enhances the controllability of fertilizer efficiency. The combination of quick-acting and long-acting potassium and nitrogen nutrients in a balanced crop supply during crop growth can ensure the quality and yield of the crops and improve their resistance, especially to the roots of the crops, Fusarium. Root rot, black spot, wilt, and root-knot nematode have obvious inhibitory effects.

3. Improve and improve crop quality and improve product taste.

4. Improved and matured soil: Due to the addition of amino acids and organic matter and a large number of beneficial bacteria, the growth conditions of aerobic bacteria are provided, so that the gas, solid, liquid and microorganisms in the soil enter a virtuous circle, thereby improving and improving The role of soil and soil conservation.

Suitable crops: tobacco, vegetables, melons and field crops.

Fertilization method: used as base fertilizer, can be applied and applied at a depth of not more than 30 centimeters.

Fertilization dosage: 40-80 kg/mu;

Note: Keep away from light, cool and dry place.

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