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Seeder introduction

DATE:2018-6-26 author: admin

Seeder introduction

    He first century B.C., China has good, this is to promote the use of the world's earliest drill machine, today is still in the north of equal applications.

    1636 in Greece first Taiwan machine made. In 1830, russians in livestock HuaLi more on LiBo machine made. 1860 years later, the countries such as Britain and started mass production work grain suitable drill. After the 20 th century have appeared traction and hanging drill machine, and the use of grain strength of the machine. 50 s development precision machine. China from the 1950 s to introduce grain suitable drill, cotton machine, etc. 60 s has developed into a suspension type grain machine, centrifugal machine, universal frame and gas suction style such as machine machine DuoZhong type, and grinding lines to the development of the device. In the 70 s, has formed the seeding machine general machine and grain joint seeder two series, and has developed precision machine.

    Europe first Taiwan machine made in 1636 in Greece. In 1830, the russians in livestock HuaLi more on the sowing device LiBo machine made. Britain, the United States and other countries in 1860 years later started mass production work grain suitable drill. 20 centuries later period, there appeared the traction and hanging drill machine, and the use of grain strength of the machine. In 1958, Norway appear first Taiwan centrifugal machine, 50 s gradually developed all kinds of precision machine.

    China in the 1950 s introduced from abroad grain suitable drill, cotton machine, the '60 s and has successfully developed suspension type grain machine, centrifugal machine, universal frame and gas suction style such as machine machine DuoZhong models, and has developed grinding lines of the device. In the 70 s, has formed the seeding machine general machine and grain joint seeder two series and production. For grain and intertillage crops, grasses, and all kinds of vegetables with suitable drill and XueBo machine are already widely used. At the same time, also has developed DuoZhong precision machine.

Using the method of sowing machine

    Corn is uniform, sowing machine depth is consistent, stable, cover earth good row spacing, save seeds, work efficiency higher characteristic. The correct use of machine should pay attention to the following points: master 10

    1 in the maintenance of the field before operation to clean up the trash and sowing the device on the open ditch the winding grass, clay, ensure good condition, and the tractors and the transmission, the rotation of the machine parts, according to the requirements of the manual filling lubricating oil, especially every time before operation should pay attention to the transmission chain lubrication and a tight situation on the fastening bolts and sowing.

    2 frame can't tilt seeder and tractors to hook up may not be tilt, work should make frame a state level before and after.

    3 do well adjusted according to the instructions of the rules and regulations of the main requirements, the rate, open ditch is the spaced, open ditch crackdown on the depth of the wheel turns the soil suitable.

    4 attention and good seed to join the seeds of seeds, where there is no box small, Bi, miscellaneous, to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds; Second seed box with kind of quantity of at least to add to that cover the box of entrance, in order to ensure the smooth.

    5 test broadcasts to ensure the quality of the large area, seeded before sowing, must hold to test broadcasts 20 meters, observe the machine work. Please agricultural technology personnel, local farmers consultation, testing confirmed that meet local agricultural demands, and then carry on large area sown.

    6 note of uniform linear driving NongJiShou choose the assignment walking routes, should guarantee and kind of and mechanical in and out of convenience, planting time to pay attention to more uniformly and in a straight line, line, not fast and slow or stop the leak, lest the replay, broadcast; To prevent the open ditch jams, the rise and fall of machine to are on the march, when turning back or operation should be filed seeder.

    7 was the first out first broadcast to rolling out, out, was hard by deep too shallow.

    8 often observed planting time constant observation of the device, open ditch device, the cover and transmission's work, such as the clogging, clay, winding grass, seed cover lax, shall be ruled out in time. Adjustment, repair, lubrication or cleaning the winding grass, etc, must be in after parking.

    9 protect parts of the machine work, it is strictly prohibited to scale back or sharp turn and the ascension of the machine should slow or land, lest attaint parts.

   10 note seed box when the seeds of the homework seed shall be not less than 1/5 of the seed case volume; Transportation or transfer in the plot, when the seed shall not be equipped with seeds, the more can pack other weight.

Corn seeder troubleshooting

    1 the device not discharge. The main reason is the transmission gear meshing, or no shaft head the row gear square hole to wear, the adjustment, maintenance or replacement.

    2 individual the device does not work. The reason is the individual the box seed the scaffolding or the device to be sundry congestion, mouth should clean up sundry; The shaft and individual the tank round of connection pin broken, should be replaced pins; Individual the box of plug-in boards should not open, pull open plug-in boards.

    3 the device to the individual, but a groove no seed. The reason is the open ditch or lose jam (occurs in pipe by land wheel of the open ditch device on), should be clear, forming and take corresponding measures to prevent sundry fall into the open ditch.

    4 the constantly, out of control. The reason is the separation of the poles clutch fall off or separation clearance sales is too small, and should be put on pins and to lock, or adjust the separation clearance.

    5 the intermittent, seeded not divide evenly. The reason is transmission gears mesh clearance is too large, gear sliding, should be adjusted; The clutch spring bounce is too weak, gear to ski, should be adjusted or replace the spring.

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