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General Investigation of Agricultural Machinery

DATE:2018-6-26 author: admin

In recent years, the state of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy investment increasing, the enthusiasm of farmers to purchase and use of agricultural machinery to an all-time high, large agricultural machinery has increased, agricultural structure optimized, comprehensive agricultural mechanization level enhances unceasingly, some new technology new types of agricultural machinery and farm machinery is widely used. How to strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance service system, solve the problem of agricultural machinery 3 packets of period after maintenance difficult, is worth further study [1]. Agricultural machinery management departments at various levels To promote the development of the agricultural mechanization, must do it where there are agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery maintenance station, there is there is farm machinery repair technicians. Therefore, to strengthen the construction of village-level agricultural machinery repair outlets, meet the needs of farmers for agricultural machinery maintenance work, is an urgent work farm machinery management department.

1, current situation and existing problems of agricultural machinery maintenance service branch

One is the poor infrastructure, shortage of maintenance personnel. Agricultural machinery maintenance service system construction in the rural economy development can't be said often enough in the position of county and township level 2 maintenance of agricultural machinery management infrastructure is poor, unable to meet the current needs of rural economic development, the maintenance personnel shortage for a long time, make agricultural machinery fault repair service. 2 it is shortage of outlets, uneven distribution. In convenient transportation village, a village of 3, 4, farm machinery repair outlets; In traffic is not convenient remote village, but no one in agricultural machinery maintenance station, causing farmers easier upgrade and maintenance. Third, poor repair technology, farm machinery repair quality not guaranteed [2]. Some village agricultural machinery maintenance station, repair equipment simple, and the lack of repair technology; Some agricultural machinery maintenance point "have-nots" : no license, no fixed maintenance site (ZouCunChuanHu guerrilla war), no measuring, no tear open outfit dedicated tools. Four is the practitioner level needs to improve. Agricultural machinery industry management and maintenance workers, cultural quality is low, the knowledge obsolete, low management level, to a certain extent, restrict the development of agricultural machinery repair industry. Five is the low degree of agricultural machinery repair industry scale, quantity is little, ability is low. Farm machinery repair industry has not formed large service outlets, service capacity also failed to keep pace with need of rapid increase of agricultural machinery and equipment, especially in the busy farming season cannot meet the needs of the farmland operation equipments maintenance. Six is poorly equipped. Agricultural machinery maintenance service network equipment humble, small, servicing ChangDian urgently needs to upgrade, can't engaged in large agricultural machinery repair and maintenance, can only give priority to in order to change a service, a huge waste of [3]. Seven is the maintenance is difficult. 3 packets of period of maintenance shall be the responsibility of the farm machinery manufacturers, but as a result of many manufacturing enterprises, three packs of pit generally located in the city level of agricultural machinery sales unit, every spring production, SanXia, sowing and ploughing, the busy farming season especially agricultural machinery maintenance is difficult. Reduce operation time of the upgrade, the operating income.

2, necessity and urgency to strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance service network

2.1 agricultural machinery maintenance is one of the safeguard measures of agricultural machinery development

Countries introducing agricultural subsidies and other support for policies, greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of farmers' grain, farmers were purchase of agricultural machinery is engaged in food production, all kinds of agricultural machinery such as spring. But there are some new purchased (net of paper of copyright statement: this article reprinted from online (www.lunwenwang.com), all peer originator.) Agricultural machinery need to be repaired, and the original agricultural machinery also varying degrees of aging problems, use of constant failure. If not timely maintenance, agricultural machinery will cease to work, live data to crash, a waste of farmer's investment, agricultural production delay, loss, it will affect the enthusiasm of farmers buyers with the machine. Rise with the development of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery maintenance, skilled excellent agricultural machinery maintenance personnel in a timely manner to the defective farm machinery repair, ensure agricultural machinery of reuse, and immediately put into agricultural production, play its role. With agricultural machinery maintenance back-up, remove trouble back at home of farmers, farmers to buy agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery comfortable, promote the development of agricultural mechanization, played the "logistics" security role.

2.2 maintenance of agricultural machinery is the urgent needs of the agricultural machinery for continuous agricultural production

"You want to have a rich fast, policy, science, and mechanical", this is farmers get rich experience. At present, agricultural machinery as agricultural production, farmers' life, construction of rural economy cannot leave without advanced production tools. If there is no agricultural machinery maintenance, defective agricultural machinery can not get timely repair, make rob farming, farmers to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, increase economic benefits become hot air. Practice has proved that agricultural machinery maintenance on farmers plays an escort role for agricultural production, agricultural machinery for agricultural production is urgently needed.

2.3 the need of agricultural machinery maintenance is NongJiShou

At present, the rural NongJiShou exist in three kind of situations: one is agricultural machinery out of the small fault, NongJiShou do-it-yourself repair, time-consuming and demanding; 2 it is NongJiShou feel agricultural machinery maintenance bitter, tired, dirty, there is something wrong with the need of agricultural machinery repair, and reluctant to begin, directly to the maintenance station to repair of agricultural machinery; Three is NongJiShou lack of agricultural machinery maintenance technology that is looking for small problems mechanic maintenance. NongJiShou own limited level of agricultural machinery produce agricultural machinery maintenance.

2.4 maintenance of agricultural machinery is the need of energy saving

The fundamental goal of agricultural machinery maintenance is to ensure that the reuse of existing machinery. Therefore, the development of agricultural machinery maintenance, is the need of energy saving, is also an important part of sustainable development of agricultural machinery.

Three Suggestions to strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance service system

First of all, to speed up the pace of development of agricultural machinery maintenance service system construction, according to the regional layout, building a batch of complete functions, advanced equipment, have certain ability of high and new agricultural machinery and maintenance center, in order to promote agricultural machinery maintenance service system socialization, specialization, industrialization as the goal [3], make agricultural machinery repair services become the new growth point for the current rural economic development. Second, called on governments at all levels and relevant departments at all levels fully aware of agricultural machinery maintenance service system construction in agricultural mechanization development and the important role of the rural economy development, emphasis on thought and action on real care and support of agricultural machinery maintenance service system construction work. Third, to strengthen the construction of agricultural machinery maintenance services team, efforts to improve the level of agricultural machinery maintenance service personnel quality and technology [4]. To further strengthen the education of grass-root agricultural machinery maintenance service personnel training, and strive to improve the overall quality of the service personnel of, make agricultural machinery maintenance service work into the healthy and sustainable development path. Fourth, farm machinery repair equipment purchase subsidy policies, vigorously support a batch of key maintenance enterprises, improve the quality of maintenance, to ensure that the farm machinery safety in production, as soon as possible to complete a number of farm machinery repair network upgrades, development has a batch of advanced maintenance equipment, maintenance personnel has to master advanced maintenance skills maintenance enterprises, take various measures to solve some problems in agricultural machinery repair services.

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